What To Expect In Hera Pheri 3

Ok so now a biggest entertainment movie is going to be released which is all time favourite of every Indian Guy. As we all witness Hera Pheri 1st and 2nd part that how blockbuster performance that movie did in its own category. So lets find out how Hera Pheri 3 is going to be.

What To Expect In Hera Pheri 3

What To Expect In Hera Pheri 3


Yes definitely fun will be on its extreme, if you forget then let me remind you that it is 3rd part byddy so director have to put fun 3 times, And for auidence thats going to be cool to see that how bettere director can come with with this movie



Well watching to its old part hera pheri 1 and 2 then we can generally say that it is not action movie at all, and same prediction here that Hera Pheri 3 is also not going to be knows for its action. Althought we can manage to see funny action sequence.


Funny Dialog

Oh yes this is the thing which make Hera Pheri special, this time again everyone expection some new cool funny dialogue in Hera Pheri.



Well not at all, if you are thinking of some romantic seen in this movie then forget about it becuase you are not going to find and seen related to that. But yes you will suerly see beautiful girls i this movie becasue without girls bollwood movie cant run.


Overall Conclusion and How Heri Pheri 3 Movie going to be

Director will suerly going to focus on some crazy mind blowing funny sene, and also director will try to maintain the old movie story line and star cast.
Definately this time story is going to be change, lets see what director have this time to present in fron of auidence.

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